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Why Kartal?

Kartal promises a lot of things with its power... Why?

In terms of transportation convenience;
• Fast accessibility and alternative transportation connections attract the investors.

• Being located on several axis and the town that can be reached with the highest number of public transportation means bring significant meaning to Kartal.

• From the subway line to sea routes, from highways to its proximity to Sabiha Gökçen Airport, it encompasses several alternatives.

• Thanks to the Golden Circle project, Kartal will be only 30 minutes away from Yalova and İzmir which is in the Aegean region will be located only three and a half hours away.

In terms of economic features;
• The transformation potential from industry to the service industry adds new value to Kartal’s current value.

• Kartal directly contributes to economic development as a town that hosts large-scale investments in the region.

In terms of sociological factors;
• Having general living spaces located in the region such as healthcare institutions, Shopping Center, social means and university campus, will increase the interest in the region.

• Kartal offers the comfort of a calm, secure and peaceful life together with proximity to city center.

In terms of environmental factors;
• Having been planned as a First Degree Center within Istanbul Environmental Plan is also another attractive detail.

• With unique wonders of nature such as Ayazma and Yakacık, Kartal also draws attention with its historical and cultural background.

• Thanks to Aydos Forest, an atmosphere with abundance of oxygen not only gives life to Kartal but also to the Anatolian side which is a refreshing reality…

• Kartal coastal road hosts those individuals who would like to exercise both during the summer and the winter with all of the comfort it can offer.

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